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Making it Work!

How are your colleagues in Colorado and New Mexico living with the new COVID-19 guidelines? We will post stories here as we receive them - and please submit to [email protected] if you would like to share. How has your business been affected? Are you still fulfilling orders? Any order cancellations? Delivery issues?  Any insights would be appreciated and useful for other members to know. 

Here is feedback from CNGA members on the how they are adjusting their operations . . .

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Marketing Ideas in the COVID-19 Atmosphere

Please contribute your ideas in the comments below! Or email to [email protected]. Know that you are not in this alone!

Keep Your Social Media Fresh and Post Often

Make sure your social media presence is refreshed. Best practices recommend posting about once a day, so that you remain in your customers’ minds but do not annoy them by posting too much. Alternate posting something relating to your business with a post relating to gardening/planting/benefits of being outdoors. Social media post ideas here.

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March 26 Colorado Stay-Home Order

As of March 26, the entire state is under a Stay-at-Home order, which has been extended to expire April 26.  Based on the Order, dated March 25, CNGA believes that most businesses in the green industry fall into one or more exemption categories. For horticulture growers, your business determination as ‘critical’ is pretty straightforward – you are considered agriculture. For landscape contractors, suppliers and other green industry professionals, the determination is a bit more nuanced.

As you can see from the categories on the list, they are very general (see below) and while we can offer guidance, businesses that must make the determination for themselves and communicate carefully with employees and customers. Read further clarification about agricultural businesses from Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture, Kate Greenberg. 

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