CNGA Staff

Glenda Mostek| Executive Director  
Glenda joined CNGA in January, 2020, and prior to that served as a grant manager and marketing specialist for the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), Glenda has spent the last five and a half years helping people with innovative visions to improve their communities, industries and lives. She managed the Specialty Crop Block Grant, which CNGA has previously received, and was involved with numerous other CDA programs including a new Ag Workforce Development internship program, CDA’s strategic planning process, human resource issues and strategic planning. Part of her responsibility was oversight of eight non-profit boards that manage the state’s check-off programs. Before joining CDA, Glenda worked for six years at Colorado Wheat, encompassing a check-off organization, a member association, and a research foundation. Prior to that, she was with the National Honey Board. Email Glenda.

Ben Northcutt | Membership Manager
Ben has more than 30 years of member association experience. He has served in leadership roles for both international and state non-profit associations and has served as CNGA’s Membership Manager since 2014. He produces the weekly eLeaf newsletter, the seasonal Safety Sense newsletter and articles for NewsLeaf as well as coordinating many of CNGA's social events. He assists with the educational program development for ProGreen EXPO and serves as the staff liaison for the Young Hort Professionals. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado where he earned a Masters of Arts in Plant Ecology. He stays active with mountain biking, racquetball, skiing and volunteer work. Email Ben.    


Tanya Ishikawa


Tanya Ishikawa | NewsLeaf Editor | Buffalo Trials Multimedia
Tanya Ishikawa owns and operates Buffalo Trails Multimedia Communications. Tanya is an award-winning, freelance journalist and editor based in Montrose, Colorado. Tanya has been the editor of the LooseLeaf Magazine since 2010 and continues this role with CNGA's online magazine, NewsLeaf. She sits on the CNGA Communications Committee. She earned a Bachelor of Science focusing on Communications, Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Colorado. She enjoys travel, dance, filmmaking and sharing great food with her family.