Legislative Advocacy 

Through partnerships, CNGA participates in legislative advocacy at the Federal and State level. As one of the cornerstones of our mission statement, we're committed to advocating for our industry and member businesses. 

Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO) Legislative Committee


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The Legislative Committee is the place where all seven green industry organizations come together to work on industry issues and concerns (see list of green industry organizations here). The committee meets twice per month during the legislative session to review proposed legislation, take positions and develop grassroots action. Each year, the committee works with our lobbying firm, Hicks & Associates to set the legislative priorities for the year. Updates on potential state legislation and its impact are provided via eLeaf.

2023 Legislative Priorities

Beginning in January, the Colorado Legislature meets for 120 days to make and revise state laws. The General Assembly includes the Senate with 35 members, and the House with 65 members. Senators are elected every four years, and Representatives are elected every two years. Colorado’s Constitution limits the number of consecutive terms legislators serve. 

Final 2023 Legislative Report

Legislative Directory

Find your elected officials by your ZIP code: www.vote-smart.org

Lighthouse Program with AmericanHort



Through a partnership with AmericanHort, CNGA participates in the Lighthouse Program. The program is designed to strengthen the industry's voice and influence, and to raise awareness of critical and emerging industry issues. State partners enroll their active, in-state members and pay a per-member participation fee of $10. Primary benefits include:
  • Access to Member Voice, a tool to connect with your elected officials
  • Timely, customized grassroots alerts when Congress or federal agencies need to hear from us
  • Articles every two weeks providing issue updates and interpretation for partners to publish in newsletters, on social media, or web
  • Access to AmericanHort's advocacy staff team