Young Hort Professionals

CNGA's Young Hort Professionals (YHP) is a group of aspiring men and women who share a passion for fellowship and personal growth. They are full of great ideas and inspiration, and seek to enhance their careers through social connecting, leadership and mentoring. 

The horticulture industry is vast and YHP provides the perfect way to get involved with the industry, to learn from peers and to create and share ideas. YHP was established to encourage younger generations to get together and explore the opportunities and benefits the horticulture industry can offer. Not only are YHP gatherings fun, they produce ideas that participants can bring to life in the real world while serving the industry.  

The core element of YHP is having fun! This is achieved several times a year with YHP Happy Hours, held at various locations that provide the right atmosphere for good times, namely a place that offers freshly brewed beer! Beyond the Happy Hours, YHP is developing new ways to utilize the energy of its members through fostering horticulture awareness and career options with high school and college students. Here are some of the YHP activities:

  • Plant Ahead - a high school outreach program that includes classroom presentations and site visits to nurseries, greenhouses and garden centers. Opens the students' eyes to careers in horticulture and provides a behind the scenes look at various horticulture companies.
  • High School Career Fairs - helping students understand what horticulture is and the job possibilities
  • Colorado State University Horticulture Club - partnering with CSU students to do project work, site visits and career education
  • Board and Committee Participation - providing perspectives, suggestions, articles and other inputs to help CNGA enrich its educational programs, member benefits and services
  • Mentorshipconnecting business owners and managers with younger people in the industry to create mutual growth opportunities.

If you would like to participate in YHP events and meetings, please contact Meg Amendola.