Social Media Post Suggestions

A staff member with a camera can be your best resource! Choose a seedling that is just coming up, photograph and post, and have a guess-off to see if followers can tell what it it. Post an album of everything that is currently blooming. Post an album of just veggies, and let followers know how they can purchase them. 

Co-Horts Blog, which is "Advice and Observations from your CSU Extension Horticulture Agents and Specialists" and has great posts, which are specifically for Colorado.

Plant Select, besides posting useful resources on their Facebook page, also has links to their past newsletters, which contain additional things to share, like a recent video of the Plant Select Gardens at Denver Botanic Gardens York Street and Chatfield Farms. 

Thanks to Nursery and Landscape Insider for these ideas:

  • Are potential consumers afraid of gardening, but don’t know a good source of information? Refer them to the Cooperative Extension office, especially if your extension office has master gardeners, with whatever the question is. Master Gardener groups have been doing Facebook Live events where they tour around the garden, showing what is coming up, and discussing what people can do at this time of year.
  • Do a Facebook Live Tour of your facility. It’s easy. Sign up for Facebook, then do a Google search for: “How do I do Facebook Live?” and you're off to the races. If you aren’t open for shopping in person, this is a great way to share your inventory with your followers, especially if a shipment has just come in.
  • Interact with potential customers by having a live gardening Q&A session on Facebook Live, Zoom or another online platform.
  • Use your company website as an educational resource. Create a virtual resource page that has links to university publications, free (but factually correct) videos, customer testimonials, etc.