New Mexico Stay-at-Home Order

Read the Stay-at-Home Order here.

The state of NM lists the following businesses as essential businesses which may remain open: (our comments in parentheses)

Farms, ranches and other food cultivation, processing or packaging operations;

Hardware stores, nurseries and  businesses that generate most of their revenue from the sale of home-improvement goods;

Other skilled trades necessary to maintaining the safety and sanitation of residences (landscapers);

Commercial and residential construction and maintenance (landscapers and those who supply trees and plants for new construction);

Other businesses that generate most of their revenue from the sale of canned food, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, pet food, fresh meats, fish and poultry, and any other household consumer products. This order is in effect through April 10.

In talking with our members and partners across the US, we maintain that Nurseries and Greenhouses are an essential service, and many are moving forward with work unless they hear otherwise. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture staff is available to help guide you on determining where your business fits within the Department of Health's recent order. Please contact Ryan Hiles: 575-649-2156 (mobile) or [email protected].

As a reminder, while we can offer guidance, businesses must make the determination for themselves and communicate carefully with employees and customers.

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