Making it Work!

Making it Work!

How are your colleagues in Colorado and New Mexico living with the new COVID-19 guidelines? We will post stories here as we receive them - and please submit to [email protected] if you would like to share. How has your business been affected? Are you still fulfilling orders? Any order cancellations? Delivery issues?  Any insights would be appreciated and useful for other members to know. 

March 26 - This is our peak production time. We split our employees into two groups and they are working 12 hour shifts every other day. Most office staff is working remotely. So fare, attendance is great and the work is getting accomplished on time.  The city of Denver allowed one of our landscape customers to plant the 16th Street Mall with pansies yesterday.

We have had some cancelations, but not a significant number yet. We expect this to increase in the coming days. Incoming orders have almost stopped.

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