How to Register for the Certified Greenhouse Grower at ProGreen

The Certified Greenhouse Grower (CGG) program is designed to promote high quality standards and professionalism for the greenhouse industry. Managing or working in a greenhouse requires an in-depth knowledge of plants, water usage, pests, chemicals, climate control, propagation and diseases.

Earning the CGG certification develops a higher level of knowledge and professionalism that benefits both the individual and the company for whom they work. To become certified you must pass a multiple choice/true-false exam with at least a 75% pass rate. To maintain certification status, individuals must re-certify every three years and provide documentation of their continued education and activities advancing their knowledge and professional growth.

There are three steps that lead to certification:

  • Complete an application that confirms your industry experience - at least 2000 hours of verifiable employment with a registered greenhouse, garden center, contractor, or an allied industry is required. The application must be submitted prior to taking the exam. The application deadline is February 15.
  • Attend six required virtual classes offered through ProGreen that prepare you to take the exam. Your participation will be verified.
  • Pass the exam with a minimum grade of 75%.

To complete your registration, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete and return the application, click here. Applications must be received by Thursday, February 18.
  2. Register for the classes and the exam, click here. You will have two options - 1) you can sign up to attend just the six CGG classes and take the exam or 2) you can sign up for a full ProGreen registration which will give you access to all ProGreen sessions, including the CGG classes and the exam.
  3. Attend all six classes - your attendance will be monitored and verified. Check the ProGreen Schedule for these classes:
    > How Does a Plant Grow? An Introduction to Botany and Plant Physiology
    > Fundamentals of Propagating Plants in Greenhouse
    > Understanding Three Factors That Are Essential for Growing Healthy Greenhouse Plants
    > How to Provide the Best Environment for Greenhouse Growing
    > How to Identify and Manage Common Greenhouse Diseases
    > How to Identify and Manage Common Greenhouse Pests
  4. Take the exam which will be offered at a location (to be determined) during the week of March 1 - 5, 2021. Applicants will receive instructions as to scheduling the exam during this time frame.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the CGG Manual, which you can order through the registration form (see Step 2 above). This will be a useful resource in reviewing the class material and preparing for the exam.