Tree Wrap for the Homeless

Will You Help Someone Stay Warm This Winter?

Homelessness is a serious and chronic problem in Colorado, and with winter fast approaching, life becomes even more difficult for those who have no shelter.  

For the coming holiday season CNGA is launching a new program to help the homeless in communities across the state. The program is called "Tree Wrap for the Homeless" and the concept is simple: collect blankets that will be donated to shelters and service organizations who can distribute them to the homeless. We invite you to participate and help those in need of warmth, by donating blankets.

If you have a blanket to donate, you can drop it off at the member locations listed below, now through December 11.

We wrap our trees to protect them in the winter, so let's wrap people in need - with blankets of warmth!


Blanket Drop Off Locations  

SiteOne/Harmony Gardens, 23203 E. 152nd Avenue, Brighton, 303 690-8733 

Denver Metro Area 
Arvada: Echter's Nursery & Garden Center, 5150 Garrison Street, Arvada, 303.424.7979
Broomfield: Front Range Gardens, 10195 Wadsworth Blvd, Broomfield, 303.469.3369
Centennial: Tagawa Gardens, 7711 S. Parker Road, Centennial, 303.690.4722
Denver: DWF, 4800 Dahlia Street, Denver, 303.376.3112
Lakewood: Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association, 959 S. Kipling Parkway, Lakewood, 303.758.6672
Lakewood: Diggable Designs, 1205 Quail Street, Lakewood, 303.525.9595

Littleton: Jared's Nursery & Garden Center, 10500 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, 303.979.6022  

Colorado Springs 
Harding Nursery, Inc., 721 N. Powers Blvd., Colorado Springs, 719.596.5712
Harrell's, 3240 Fillmore Ridge Heights, Colorado Springs, 719.243.1194 

Fort Collins
Gulley Greenhouse, 6029 S. Shields, Fort Collins, 970.223.4769