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Enter the Champion Tree Selfie Contest

Here's your chance to discover some of Colorado's greatest treasures - Champion Trees - and win some serious cash! A Champion tree is the largest of its species in the state (there are also national Champion trees, too.). And Colorado has nearly 350 champions representing hundreds of species, some of which you probably don't know even grow in Colorado - like the giant sequoia or the pawpaw tree.

It's an easy contest to enter and along the way you're likely to discover some great tree facts and see some new places! But best of all, you could win some significant cash! (You must be a CNGA member to enter.)

Contest Instructions

1. Locate the Trees - to find a Champion, use these resources:

2. Take a Selfie - once you have found a Champion tree, take a selfie showing as much of the tree as possible (and yourself, of course). You will need three different selfie photos to enter the contest - that is, three different Champion trees in three different locations.
3. Submit Your Three Photos - In one email, attach your three photos and send to: [email protected] In the email, please identify each photo with the name of the tree (common and/or genus/species) and the location (street address or general area as describe on the list or map that you use)
4. Entry Deadline is October 15, 2021.

Important Notes:
>  Some of the Champion trees grow on private property. Please respect these locations and do not trespass. In these situations, please take your photo from a public space, like the street or sidewalk.
>  Entries that do not include all the requested information (see #2 and #3 above) will be disqualified.
>  The contest is open to CNGA members only (including staff).
>  Only one entry per member is allowed.

You Could Win One of These Cash Prizes!
At the completion of the contest, all eligible entries will be entered into a drawing.
We will randomly select six winners - each lucky winner will receive a check for $100!!

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